Saturday, October 18, 2008

Maharj Tarlochan Darshan Das and his men attacked Satguru Darshan Dham

Under the guidance and control of Spiritual Guru Maharaz Charwinda Das Ji, we are running SATGURU DARSHAN DHAM (a registered NGO), having its headquarter at GTK Road, Alipur Block, Delhi-36, for the last 6 years and serving the people of India and abroad by social, spiritual and religious services.

On 26th Sept. 2008, one of our well wisher informed us that Maharaj Tarlochan Das will attack on and ruin our Dera on 28th Sept. 2008. therefore we informed the D.C.P. (Outer) and S.H.O. Alipur Police Station about the conspiracy and demanded the protection of the members and property of Satguru Darshan Dham.

On 28th Sept. 2008 at 12.50 p.m., Maharaj Tarlochan Das and Dhianu alongwith some persons attacked with the intention of killing our Guru Maharaz Charwinda Das Ji and ruining our Dera. As the main gate of Dera was closed and under protection of local police, the persons, on the instructions of Tarlochan Das threw stones and bricks on the Dera and damaged the Main Gate, Sign Boards, Coolers, Windows and other outside attached property. During this process of stoning, our General Secretary (International) and one Babaji were injured. Some of our members called P.C.R. With the intervention local police, the throwing of stones was stopped and we were saved from a manipulated big disaster and unrecoverable losses of lives and property. During the process of controlling the attack some of Trilochan Das close workers abused our Guru Maharaz with bad and objectionable words.

We made an application vide DD No. 16A at 6 p.m. on 28-9-08 to S.H.O. Alipur for taking legal action against Tarlochan Das and his main workers who threw stones and shouted bad and objectionable words to our Guru Maharaz.

In the premises of local police station, some executives of Tarlochan Das again threatened our members present therein by saying ‘SEE YOU LATER’. Some shouted that they will throw bomb on Dera. Even in the presence of S.H.O., the main executives repeatedly threatened that there will be a the bigger mob of unexpected number of people. On 29-9-08 for the purpose of security we submitted a an application to the S.H.O. demanding the security of Dera and its resident members. (A copy of application was also submitted to D.C.P. Outer Distt.)

No action against Trilochan Das and other culprits has been taken till now by the local police.

The brief history describing the malafide intention of Trilochan Das behind the abovementioned incident is as under:

  • We and our Guru Maharaz Charwinda Das Ji are spiritual followers of Guru Maharaz Darshan Das Ji (father of Trilochan Das), the founder of Das Dharm,
  • In 1984, when the main Dera at Loni, Gaziabad, U.P. was completely ruined in the communal riots, Maharaz Darshan Das Ji appointed his followers Maharani Pali Darshan Das Ji, Maharaz Ghasita Ram Ji and Maharaz Charwinda Das Ji as the head of Dera and left India.
  • In 1987, Maharaz Darshan Das Ji was assassinated by terrorists in a public meeting in London and he left his widow and two sons Trilochan Das, aged only 9 years and Dhianu (Raju) aged only 7 years. Therefore, Maharaz Ghasita Ram Ji and Maharaz Charwinda Das Ji took care of his family, son and his mission. The mission created millions of followers around the world under the guidance of these two Guru Maharaz.
  • In 1987, one of the main follower Maharani Pali Darshan Das Ji left the organization and established another Dera with the same name and identity of Sachkhand Nanak Dham. The disputes regarding the ownership of Sachkhand Nanak Dham between Maharani and Tarlochan Das are under the courts of law and pending for decisions.
  • In 1992, Mz Ghasita Ram Ji and in 1997 Mz Charwinda Das ji left the Loni Dera with all other assets by handing over to Trilochan Das and his family. But most of the followers did not accept him as the Guru due to his notorious and non-religious nature and established two other organizations under the control and guidance of Guru Maharaj Ghasita Ram Ji (Kant Darshan Darbar at New Mahavir Nagar) and Guru Mahraz Charwinda Das Ji (Satguru Darshan Dham at Alipur).
  • Now about all the followers of Das Dharm do not accept Maharaz Trilochan Das as their guru and are behind Guru Maharaz Ghasita Ram Ji and Guru Maharaz Charwinda Das Ji. Their organizations are growing day by day. On the other hand, the fame of Maharaz Trilochan Das is diminishing which is the main reason of his frustration and grouze. Under this frustration he and his family members alongwith some followers are trying to harass and defame all other Gurus of Das Dharm by using all undue means and resources. By hook or crook, he wants to ruin these Gurus and their organizations.

The above mentioned incident on 28th Sept. 2008 was a part of Tarlochan Das’s undue process of ruining other Gurus. Under the circumstances we request you to kindly arrest immediately and take legal action against Trilochan Das, Dhianu, Man Singh, Gujjarmal (Bitta), Harpal Singh, Anil Khurana, Darshan Lal, Bunty and other culprits. If no action been taken against these persons, they will be more dangerous to a huge community of Das Dharm.